Human Capital Management

What is it ?

Comprehensive human resource management to assist companies / organizations in efficiently managing human resource processes and activities such as recruitment, orientation, compensation, performance management, and employee development.

One of the advantages of using Oracle HCM is its integration with various other products which really helps companies streamline their business processes. Oracle human capital management is a powerful solution in realizing effective human capital management with various features that have been provided with the aim of streamlining HR processes and increasing employee engagement and retention.

Key Features of the

Oracle Human Capital Management

Talent Management

Features on the application can be used to manage employee performance succession planning, and career development

Recruitment & Onboarding

Features on the application for job posting, resume screening, candidate tracking, and onboarding

Payroll & Benefits

Offering a complete payroll and benefits administration solution that can be used to manage employee compensation, benefits and taxes

Time & Attendance Management

Allows managers to track employee time and attendance, approve leave requests, and manage schedules

Analytics & Reporting

Provides advanced analytics and reporting tools that can used to analyze HR data and generate insights

Why use

Oracle Human Capital Management
All in One

One Suite of Product
For all processes

One User Experience
Human interactions, any devices, any browser

One Technology
Platform, integrations, extensibility,
security emerging technologies

Realize Effective Human Capital Management

with Oracle HCM

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